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Digital Nomad Visa for Remote Workers

Here is all the information you require regarding the new digital nomad visa if you are considering moving to Spain.

Good news for non-EU citizens: Spain may soon introduce a Digital Nomad Visa, giving them the opportunity to live and work there for up to five years.

Italy, Greece, and Croatia are a few of the European countries that have recently adopted digital nomad strategies. If Spain accepts the digital nomad program, it will join the other EU nations.

Nadia Calvino, the Minister of Economic Affairs, stated that the announcement of the new Digital Nomad Visa earlier in 2022 was made in the hopes of attracting and keeping national and foreign talent by assisting remote workers and digital nomads establish themselves in Spain. Officials also predicted that the plan would aid Spain in recovering from the economic effects of COVID-19.

The recent passage of a law by the Spanish Parliament supported the introduction of the new Digital Nomad Visa. The new Visa would go into effect in January 2023.

“Spain is already a well-liked location for remote workers, thanks to its fast internet, low cost of living, and abundance of warm weather.”

According to reports, it will be simpler and less expensive to live and work in Spain with the new Digital Nomad Visa. 

Who is Eligible to Apply for the new Digital Nomad Visa?

It is believed that those who will work remotely for non-Spanish companies are eligible for the Digital Nomad program. The percentage of your income that can come from Spanish companies if you apply for a digital nomad visa is limited to 20%.

You must be from outside the “European Economic Area” to apply for a digital nomad visa. The applicants must provide proof that they “have been working remotely for at least a year” and have an employment contract. In the event that the applicant worked as a freelancer, they must present documentation proving they were a regular employee of an organization outside of Spain.

To be eligible for the digital nomad program, you must demonstrate that you make enough money to support yourself. You ought to be making at least €2,000 per month.

You must have a physical address inside of Spain as an applicant and be able to provide proof, such as a rental agreement, of that address.

Validity of Digital Nomad Visa

To begin with, the digital nomads will be permitted to remain in Spain for the full twelve months of the visa’s validity.

Remote workers must renew their visas for up to five more years after the initial year, at which point they will be eligible to “apply for permanent residency.” “The visa holder’s close relatives, such as children and spouses, will also be permitted to travel with them.”

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