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IT Outsourcing Companies

Best IT Outsourcing Companies in the World

IT Outsourcing is the idea of a company to offer IT solutions and services to an IT firm in need of these IT services or solutions. In this case, the company outsources all parts of IT related functions to an external or third party company, which can also be an IT consulting company. This act is sometimes also referred to as IT enabled services outsourcing. 

Before we deep dive into the topic of discussion, let’s first understand what outsourcing is. In layman terms, it is defined as the use of or searching for service providers externally or from third parties outside the business or company. These IT services are meant to deliver an effective business process that is either enabled or was performed in-house by the staff or employees of the company. IT Outsourcing practice is majorly used by businesses and companies to cut costs in the company.  

Many types of IT outsourcing are available to all tech businesses and companies all around the world. Below are some few of the outsourcing types; 

  1. IT Outsourcing
  2. Manufacturing Outsourcing
  3. Professional Outsourcing
  4. Operational Outsourcing
  5. Process Outsourcing

In this article we are going to delve into IT outsourcing, its advantages and disadvantages, some of the best and largest IT service outsourcing companies and how to choose between the different top IT outsourcing companies available all around the world depending on your requirements.

Significance of IT Outsourcing Services

The main reason that encourage companies to opt for IT outsourcing services and not develop them themselves in-house is that it is very complicated and requires a lot of knowledge and skills that may be very expensive or time consuming to develop.

This way, the act of outsourcing these IT services ends up reducing costs and the companies also end up getting quality knowledge that is more than the employees or staff in the company have or acquire.

Risk reduction is yet another important factor in an IT company’s decision to outsource its IT services to another IT services provider. A business might waste a lot of resources, which could ultimately result in failure, and if something went wrong, it would really go south. A server failure or even hackers and other hazards associated with IT might serve as examples. However, by outsourcing these IT services, you will be reducing these risks and placing the responsibility for them on the IT service providers.

Let’s look at some of the most outsourced IT services by both IT startup companies and established IT companies before moving on to the best IT outsourcing firms.

  • Application Development and Management – Due to its frequent high cost and time requirements, this is the IT function that is most frequently outsourced. The IT corporation will choose to outsource the service in order to lower these.
  • Help Desk – These are IT professionals  who are tasked or are in charge of solving all problems related to any software or hardware in the IT company.
  • Infrastructure Management – This IT service is mainly and mostly outsourced by most IT infrastructure companies.
  • Data Centre Management – This IT service is majorly outsourced by banks with several data management data centers and it is a general practise to outsource those centers to improve efficiency in the banks. 
  • Cloud Computing – This is becoming more of a norm in current technology and are more outsourced because the IT company is provided with different levels of management, flexibility and control. 

Top IT Outsourcing Companies

There are a wide number of IT outsourcing services that have been of great use in the information technology world. We are going to look at some of the top IT outsourcing companies in the world.

  • VironIT

Based in San Francisco, this Silicon Valley company is an outsourcing company whose primary focus is on offering complete digital solutions for software development. The group focuses on creating specialized software for startups, small and medium-sized organizations, and private individuals.

The business has experience in the financial industry, game creation, medicine, and the media and entertainment industries. They create a wide variety of apps, including commercial solutions and online and mobile applications. The business also provides upkeep, support, and updating services for developed apps.

Some of their major clients are Book2Meet , Currencycloud, and Lebara. 

  • Accenture 

This IT outsourcing company’s headquarters are located in Dublin, Ireland. Founded in 1989, Accenture provides services in strategy, consulting, digital operations, and technologies. Over 40 sectors can choose from the interactive, technological, and operational services Accenture provides. They support technological advancement and human innovation in around 120 different nations.

The corporation is divided into five operational segments: financial services, products, communications, health and public service, and resources. According to Fortune’s list of the most admired companies in the world, the corporation is ranked first in its sector.

Their major clients include; Google, Dell, Alibaba.

  • IBM (International Business Machines)

IBM’s headquarters are located in New York , USA. It was founded in 1911 and has a long history of offering information technology services and goods. Cloud and cognitive software, worldwide business services, global technology services, systems, and global financing make up the company’s five divisions. The largest technology and consulting employer with operations in almost 170 nations is IBM. It increases the company’s human resource dependability.

Its primary services are business activities, online services, analytics & data, and features of the IT infrastructure. The security cycle includes access management, which is supplied by IBM Security Identity Manager and many other solutions. It supports provisioning, the process of delivering, implementing, and monitoring a resource or piece in your business.

  • Fidelity IT Solutions

One of the top providers of IT services is Fidelity IT Solutions. Founded in 2007, Fidelity IT Solutions is based in Toronto, Canada. It provides a range of technical services, including remote working, cloud computing, IT consulting, outsourcing, and numerous more options.

By utilizing a variety of technology and cutting-edge tactics, the organization works toward its mission of helping businesses be at the top of their game. They create IT solutions that increase productivity and cut costs in the workplace. 

Its primary services in the company include;  IT Consulting, Managed Services, Outsourcing IT, Cloud Computing, Backup and Recovery.

  • Infosys

One of the main providers of cutting-edge technology solutions and consulting services is Infosys. It was established in 1981 and has its headquarters in Bengalaru, India. The company provides engineering services, data analytics, a digital supply chain, and sales force as some of its outsourced services.

The organization supports business growth by introducing them to cutting-edge technologies and implementing initiatives to increase productivity. The business aspires to a digital future that is profitable and sustainable.

  • Ciklum 

In 2002, Ciklum, an outsourcing business, was established and its headquarters is based in Ukarine. One of the largest software development organizations in Eastern Europe, the company has operations in ten different countries.

The business serves clients all around the world who require cutting-edge technologies, a high degree of knowledge, and extensive experience from working on enterprise-scale projects. A true behemoth among IT outsourcing firms is Ciklum. When compared to other elite businesses, including those whose goal is to reach the IPO stage, the company is among the global vendors with the fastest rising sales.

  • Evozon

A business with more than 15 years of experience is Evozon. They specialize in assisting businesses to begin the digitalization process and accomplish their digital objectives. One of the firms that outsources IT only has one location; Evozon’s is in Romania.

The industry has expertise in banking and financial software, healthcare, smart cities, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.

The primary distinction between Evozon and other IT outsourcing firms is that it is one of the top Eastern European firms with an emphasis on business-level clients. Because of its expertise developing solutions for Smart Cities, the organization distinguishes itself.

  • Specbee

One of the newest names on our list of IT outsourcing firms is Specbee. The business has become recognized as a market leader in the creation of content management systems based on the Drupal platform over the course of the last six years.

Specbee collaborates with businesses from several industry verticals and specializes in the creation of content management solutions.

This sector specializes in telecommunications, real estate, retail, non-profit organizations, journalism, education, and information technology.

Its main point of differentiation is that the business stands out as a result of exceptional expertise in the creation of content management systems built on the Drupal platform.

  • Valuecoders 

One of the most experienced IT outsourcing firms on our list is Valuecoders. The business, which has over 17 years of experience, works with start-ups, digital agencies, and software development organizations and specializes in offshore software development. The business is the most reputable software development company in India.

In its 16-year history, the business has worked with more than 2,500 clients and completed 4,200 projects of various sizes. Valuecoders primarily collaborates with small and mid-sized businesses and has expertise in block chain, business services, education, and e-commerce.

The company is renowned for accelerating digital transformation by fusing technologies including blockchain, business intelligence, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things.

  • ScienceSoft

Another business with more than 32 years of experience is ScienceSoft. The business aids mid market and large businesses in developing creative projects and offers IT outsourcing services across 23 industries.

The business collaborates with the greatest corporations in the world and specializes in creating large-scale projects. The firm’s portfolio includes hundreds of successful cases for organizations including IBM, eBay, Ford Motor Company, and many more.

In the fields of medicine, energy and natural resources, finance, information technology, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, utilities, and e-commerce are all areas in which they are authorities.

The business is unique from others in that it is accredited to construct highly secure projects and medical solutions.

How To Choose An IT Outsourcing Company

An ideal outsourced IT provider would continuously increase the value of your firm. This being said, a thorough and in-depth examination of numerous characteristics and other factors may aid in providing you with a clear picture of potential outsourcing partners. A firm or organization should take into account these considerations when choosing the best IT outsourcing company in order to help you navigate through the sea of potential choices.

  • Market Reputation

Knowing who you are dealing with is just as crucial as knowing the scope of the work and cost optimization. Make sure your outsourcing partner has a solid reputation in the worldwide market in order to achieve this.

  • Define the entire scope of the work.

Make sure you have a comprehensive understanding of the scope of work before you decide to outsource any service. Write a concise document, for instance, outlining the core operations you want to outsource to a possible partner.

  • Establish a clear budget.

Determine the budget you have available for outsourcing your activities. On the other hand, remember that location is important. More specifically, choosing an onshore partner would cost far more than choosing an offshore center.

  • Apply agile methods to your organization’s development process.

The only way to thrive in the current market is to adapt to the shifting needs of the consumer. The firm will need to apply Agile processes in order to effectively service the always changing customer.  If you want to stand out as a leader, choose a partner who uses Agile methodologies to quickly react to a customer’s changing requirements.


The ideal partner will want to engage with the organization to raise their brand in the marketplace over the long term. Therefore, organizations should look for partners who want to do more than just produce the product. The success of the outsourced project is a two-way street, though, just like any relationship. Follow this advice to ensure the project’s success:

  • Clearly state the objectives.
  • Conduct market research and feasibility assessments
  • Pick a service provider in the same time zone (look for satellite office options)
  • Continually check in for feedback and updates on your progress.
  • Pick a service provider that emphasizes iterative development.

In this article, we covered the greatest outsourcing firms. We listed their primary offerings and areas of expertise. According to your needs, it will assist you in locating the best among the greatest businesses. To locate the elements that are the best fit for your organization, you can compare and contrast them based on the solutions that the firm offers. The outsourcing industry has grown in recent years. Long term, the tendency is here to stay.

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