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Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

Effect of Advertisement on Consumer Behavior

Knowing their behavior after viewing an advertisement can help you better understand your consumers. You can use their response to create more relevant ads that encourage them to buy or care about your brand. Sometimes business owners and marketers create ads without considering consumer behavior toward those advertisements. 

Knowing their behavior after seeing an advertisement will help you better understand your customers. Their response can help you create more relevant ads that encourage them to buy or engage with your brand.

Consumer behavior in advertising.

This is how a customer interacts with your brand while deciding to buy or already making a purchase. How they react, feel, and do after seeing an advertisement represents consumer behavior.

While different consumer demographics respond differently to advertisements, their behavior toward the brand is more or less the same after they saw the advertisement. This largely depends on the format, messaging, and branding that a business incorporates into the ad. Understanding consumer buying behavior is crucial. Their behavior guides you when creating an advertisement.

How ads influence consumer behavior.

Advertising affects consumers when presenting your products and services.

If they encounter your marketing materials, they will be removed based on the message or format you use. This is something consumers tend to feel or do after seeing an advertisement.

Entertain consumers.

While the primary goal of the ads is also to get the public excited about your brand and entertain the audience depending on how smart your presentation is. You make audiences addicted to what you offer just like movies and Tv shows do. Tv spots make audiences laugh or get emotional and fit into the entertainment value of Tv shows.

The same applies to online advertising, which web surfers may mistake for no advertising due to its entertaining nature. Some advertisement even go viral because they entertain viewers. If they enjoy watching your ads, they will share them.

60% of respondents to a Statista survey consider TV spots to be the most entertaining form of advertising. The least popular is advertising on the Internet, except social networks. 

Only 38% of respondents find them comfortable. This shows that when done right, advertisement entertain consumers even though they know the brand is just promoting their product.

Brand Awareness.

Consistent presence through Advertisement helps consumers become more familiar with a brand. The consumer generally recognizes a brand from the advertisements they have seen. Unknown brands can compete against more established competitors with ads that help reach their target customers.

Meanwhile, existing brands continually run ads to make their brand relevant to their consumers. Once a consumer sees an ad, they associate it with a brand. This arouses their curiosity about the product or service the brand has to offer.

Search engine company Google ran a joint test with Ipsos MediaCT to see if search ads contribute to brand awareness. In a group of 800 Americans Consumers, 14.8% associated a test mark with a specific keyword after seeing the ad. Only 8.2% of those who didn’t see the search ad could remember the brand. The difference between the two groups shows that search ads drove an average 80% increase in outstanding brand awareness.

Build trust.

An ad can convince people to try your product. It can increase your confidence that the product or service will solve your pain points. New products that have yet to prove themselves to consumers gain the trust of their buyers through advertising. Some ads also rebuild consumer trust in your brand by introducing new offers or product variations.

Other ads include consumer testimonials to build more trust in your brand. It is a common practice in medical devices such as B. Drug advertising. Pharmaceutical companies have to convince consumers of the effectiveness of their products. Hence the need for testimonial ads.

Social Perception.

The reason most companies hire a celebrity endorser is for a social image. Ads featuring a celebrity make consumers associate themselves with the status of the celebrity. 

Making a product a status symbol is down to the ads consumers see. In doing so, they follow the current trend, even more so when a famous person endorses the brand. The associated image on social media convinces consumers to want the product promoted by the celebrity.

Clearly define product benefits.

Complicated products or services that are new to the market offer advertising that explains the benefits of what they offer. For example, startups whose products solve a specific problem have ads that show how their product can simplify a complex process. Ads translate in a simpler way how a product benefits its consumers.

Instead of lengthy videos, a short and simple presentation of product features will help consumers understand the benefits you can offer them. They make it easy for consumers to find out how a product or service solves the problems they are facing.

Get them to buy.

Limited promotions such as discounts and special offers increase consumer interest in buying. You want to take advantage of the limited time a product is available at a lower price. Additionally, ads that highlight how they solve a consumer’s problem entice them to see it for themselves if it’s worth trying.

Risk of Ad Fatigue.

While ads are a great way to showcase a brand, there is also a risk that consumers will be negatively influenced. Viewers of an ad can find ads annoying, especially if they weren’t entertaining at all.

This is prevalent on online advertising platforms where consumers constantly see ads they are not interested in. Some even go so far as to download ad blockers to minimize online ads from being displayed.

This type of experience occurs with boring or repetitive ads. If you don’t evoke emotions in a consumer other than simply telling them about a product, they’re more likely to get tired. As a result, some brands update their ads to be relevant and attractive to their target audience.

They influence your mood.

Consumers react differently to ads in different formats, media and messages. Depending on the emotions shown, it can affect them positively or negatively.

Ads that include humor or a light-hearted presentation convey a positive feeling toward a brand for consumers. On the other hand, some ads may negatively affect consumers if they contain sensitive topics such as racism, political beliefs, and the like. They will usually associate their emotions and opinions with the brand producing the ad.

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