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Electrical Drives in Mechatronics

Connecting the Pieces: Electrical Drives in Mechatronics

What are electrical drives? 

Electrical drives are derived as electronic device which is developed to control few attributes of a motor to control electrical energy into mechanical energy in an accurate form. In other words Electrical power system employed for motion control are called electrical drives

What are the different variation of electrical drives ?

There are three types of electrical drives they are as below:

  • Electrical drives based on supply
  • Electrical drives based on number of motor
  • Electrical drives based on speed

Let’s look all the types of electrical drives in detail

Electrical drives based on supply

  • AC drives:

This electrical drives is used to maintain the speed of motor such as three phases induction motor. It changes frequency of supply to motor. It is also said as deferrable frequently drive.

  • DC drives

This type of Electrical drives is where the speed of the system is controlled by supplying voltage to the motor. DC drives also varied as analog and digital electrical drives

Electrical drives based in numbers of motors

There are three types of electrical drives which are differentiated based on the numbers of motor they have

  • Single electrical drives
  • multiple electrical drive and
  • Group electrical drive

Single electrical drive motor: Here an electrical drive motor is separate for different parts of machine

Multiple electrical drive motor: Each and every motor has different parts of machines to work

Group of electrical drives motor: Here for many machines to perform only single motor is used

Electrical drives based on speed 

Here electrical drives are classified as differentiated  speed and continuous speed drive

Continuous speed electrical drives: Here machines require some less amount of continuous speed

Differentiated speed: Here along with speed control machines control to do other works such as control movements, torque and direction

Electrical drives based in control attributes

Electrical drives are classified as Vector, continuous power drive and continue force drive

Vector drive: This gives exact results than any other machines. Here along with speed ,force is also controlled by the technique called pulse width modulation .

Continuous power drive: The machine gives continuous power at all levels of speed while passing current in its armature is continuous power drive

Continuous force drive: When the machine used a particular amount of force this drive is used

What is drive in mechatronics?

Mechanical drive frameworks are generally utilized in Mechatronics applications to switch from rotational movement over completely to translational movement and to match speed and force.

Mechatronics drive frameworks possibly work in the event that all parts are of fine and impeccably synchronized.


A conservative plan parts designed explicitly for the client and the assurance of getting most extreme execution from the drive frameworks


  • Everything from a solitary source
  • No think twice about the quality
  • Long life.
  • Low power utilization
  • Magnificent control properties
  • Impervious to vibrations shocks and outrageous temperatures

What is mechanical drive?

Mechanical drive are a progression of parts that deals with the transmission in other words mechanical drive is said as A capacity gadget that utilize moving parts like attractive tape attractive plate. The power can be directed to control other gear like siphons, blowers air blowers and other normal apparatus.

There are three types of mechanical drive. They are gear, belt, chain

Energy is expected to drive the machines and supplies for different applications. Accessible energy is expected to be communicated to get the ideal movement and work. At the point when power is sent from contribution to yield utilizing mechanical components is known as mechanical power transmission. Mechanical drive components like contact circle  different kinds of belts, rope chain gears coupling and so on ate utilized for power transmission.

  • Belt mechanical drive

To send energy from one shaft to other pulleys are placed in two shafts. They are then joined by belt  the joining belt is placed such a way that the movement of one pulley transmitted to other without any break. The speed can be changed by using changing diameters of pulleys.

The power spread depends on the below factors:

  • The speed of belt
  • The tightness under which the belt is kept
  • The point of contact between the belt and small pulley

Advantage of belt mechanical drive 

  1. Manufactured from material, which is utilized
  2. the shafts whose axes are note parallel.
  3. The initial cost is low.
  4. Lubricant is not required.
  5. Noise is relatively less.
  6. overload and safeguards the machine.

Disadvantages of Belt mechanical drive

  1. Drive isn’t positive as the belt slip over the pulleys.
  2. Occupies somewhat more space.
  3. Speed apportion can not be kept up with as a result of the slipping of the belt.
  4. Change the strain in the belt is expect time to time.
  5. Life is somewhat low


  • Rope mechanical drive

At some point when the middle distance between the driver and driven shaft is exceptionally enormous and higher power is expected to be sent rope drives are utilized. Rather than the belt wire rope is utilized perfect size and number of scores are given on pulleys

Advantages of rope mechanical drive 

  1. Enormous power can sent by utilize no. of ropes.
  2. Simple and basic upkeep.
  3. Beyond what one drive can be obliged from the single pulley.
  4. Quiet drive.
  5. In view of wedging activity because of depression, the higher coefficient of erosion contrasted with level belt drive.
  6. Because of adaptability in the rope little misalignment in the drive is reasonable.

Disadvantages of rope mechanical drive 

  1. Power misfortune because of slip.
  2. Occupies bigger space.
  3. Steady speed proportion can not be kept up with.
  4. Change in the middle distance is generally fundamental.
  5. Pulley has high rate.
  6. The underlying expense is somewhat higher.
  • Chain mechanical drive

The chain mechanical drive comprises of three components driving sprocket, driven sprocket and unending chain folded over sprocket. Pin joint contains pin bramble and roller to limit the contact and such chains are roller shrubbery chains. The chain mechanical drive is used in bike, motorbike and material machine

Advantages of chain mechanical drive 

  1. Proportion.
  2. Consumes less space contrasted with belt drive.
  3. Life is more contrasted with the belt drive.
  4. Utilized for huge focus distance.
  5. Transmission effectiveness is bigger than the belt drive.

Disadvantages of chain mechanical drive 

  1. Uproarious contrasted with belt drive.
  2. Introductory expense is higher contrasted with belt drive
  3. Introductory expense is higher contrasted with belt drive
  4. Change in the middle distance is important.
  5. Support cost is higher and complex contrasted with belt drive.
  • Gear mechanical drive

Gear is revolving part having cut teeth which join with another part to send force and energy. To send a particular energy from one to other shaft to project from one disc to other. This type of mechanical drive is not suitable to send more power .

Advantages of gear mechanical drive 

  • More proficiency than belt and rope drive.
  • The activity of the drive is basic and successful.
  • Life is more contrasted with different drives.
  • With one info speed, no. of result paces can be gotten by utilizing a reasonable stuff drive.
  • Protected and reduced.
  • Steady speed proportion is gotten.
  • Utilizing various kinds of cog wheels, power can be sent between shafts whose tomahawks are equal, slanted, or crossing to one another

Disadvantages gear mechanical drive

  • On the off chance that the tooth calculation of the stuff isn’t as expected kept up with, the drive might get locked.
  • Not favored when extremely fast transmission is required.
  • On the off chance that the oil course of action isn’t given, it might create clamor.


Application of Electrical Drive in Mechatronics 

Electrical drive method changes over electrical energy from the power supply framework or from a batter to mechanical energy and communicate the subsequent power into movement. Numerous applications that make our regular routine simpler like lifts, elevator, entryway drives, clothes washer, blenders electric razors.

Difference between mechanical drive and electrical drive

  • Electrical drive

Electrical drive require electric energy. In case of power failure the entire unit will shutdown as it is needs electric power.

Electrical drive is easy to use as it can be taken to any place

Electrical drive doesn’t provide any fumes when burnt

Electrical drive acquire less space compared to other drive and so it is useful

Operating attributes of motor can be easily changed as per need in electrical drive

As electrical drive doesn’t require any mechanical parts maintaining electrical drive is easy.

  • Mechanical drive

Mechanical drive is self controlled and it can be used e everywhere

Mechanical drive does not depend on any output source

Mechanical drive needs burning and it can produce fumes

Mechanical drive is not flexible

Mechanical drive attributes are very difficult to modify

As mechanical drive has more mechanical parts maintaining is very cost effective

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