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Remote Employees are Happier

Research Shows Remote Work Employees are Happier. Find out How?

Many organizations may be reluctant to adopt a culture of remote work because they worry that remote employees may not be as productive as the company anticipates from its employees. Research, however, suggests different. Remote work has no detrimental effects on productivity, according to a recent survey by Texas A&M University School of Public Health. The fact that remote work raises remote employee happiness is even better. 

As previously indicated, the productivity of remote employees is not negatively impacted as many would assume. Additionally, because technology enables remote employees to keep up a regular work schedule, remote employment has helped prevent burnout among remote workers. This allows remote workers to schedule breaks and prevent job burnout.

Remarkably, a recent Happiness Tracking study with a sample size of roughly 12, 000 remote employees revealed that working remotely raises employee happiness by 20%. Furthermore, it was shown that travel duration has a negative impact on employee happiness, which may be summed up as follows: the longer the commute, the less content the employee is.

About 27% of respondents to the Happiness Tracking research claimed that their job satisfaction has an impact on their overall happiness. They also indicated that they feel more productive and content in their personal lives if they can successfully strike a healthy balance between their professional and personal lives.

Why Should Companies Start Embracing Remote Work and Offering Remote Work opportunities?

Employees who work remotely may balance their job and personal lives, which increases their happiness. Many people are already aware, thanks to a number of studies, that working remotely improves productivity, reduces expenses, and frequently aids in employee retention.

By eliminating the need to provide a physical workspace for its remote employees, remote work allows companies to save the real estate costs that non-remote companies must bear.

A company that hires remotely may benefit from lower office space costs, more employee productivity, access to a larger global talent pool, and higher employee happiness.

To Take Home

Work from home makes remote workers more productive. By reducing the need for commuting, enabling employees to be near their loved ones, and encouraging a good work-life balance, remote work also boosts employee satisfaction. All these pros allow remote employees to be more productive.

Additionally, remote employment is less expensive for employers because it enables them to save significantly on costs such as rent for physical offices, office supplies, and electricity.

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