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Best Sprint Planning Tools

Exploring the Best Sprint Planning Tools for Agile Development Teams

Agile development has revolutionised the way software is built, emphasising collaboration, flexibility, and rapid iterations. One of the crucial components of Agile methodology is sprint planning. Effective sprint planning ensures that development teams stay on track and deliver high-quality software. To facilitate this process, there are a plethora of sprint planning tools available. In this article, we’ll explore the best sprint planning tools that agile development teams can leverage to streamline their workflows.

Why Sprint Planning Tools Matter

Before we dive into the list of the best sprint planning tools, it’s essential to understand why these tools are crucial for agile development teams. Sprint planning is the process of organising work into manageable chunks, known as sprints, usually lasting two to four weeks. During sprint planning, teams set clear objectives, prioritise tasks, and estimate the effort required for each task. Effective sprint planning tools can significantly enhance this process by:

Facilitating Collaboration: Sprint planning involves multiple team members, including developers, product owners, and scrum masters. Collaboration tools enable real-time communication, making it easier for everyone to stay on the same page.

Efficiently managing backlogs: These tools help teams maintain a well-organised backlog of tasks and user stories, ensuring that the most critical items are addressed first.

Estimation and tracking: Agile teams need to estimate the complexity and effort required for each task. Sprint planning tools often include features for estimating and tracking progress, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions.

Visualising Progress: Visual dashboards and burndown charts make it easy for teams to track progress throughout the sprint, enabling them to adapt quickly if things aren’t going as planned.


Jira, developed by Atlassian, is one of the most popular agile project management tools on the market. It offers a comprehensive suite of features for sprint planning and execution. With Jira, teams can create and prioritise user stories, assign tasks, and track progress using customizable boards. Its integration with Confluence, another Atlassian product, allows for seamless documentation and knowledge sharing. Jira is undoubtedly one of the best sprint planning tools available.


Trello is a simple yet effective tool for agile teams. It uses a card-based system to organise tasks, making it easy to visualise work in progress. Teams can create boards for different projects and use labels, due dates, and checklists to manage tasks efficiently. Trello’s user-friendly interface makes it an excellent choice for small to mid-sized teams.

As one of the best Sprint Planning Tools, Trello is a user-friendly option for agile teams looking for a straightforward sprint planning tool.


Asana is a versatile project management tool that supports agile practices. It allows teams to create tasks, set due dates, and assign responsibilities easily. Asana’s timeline view helps teams plan sprints effectively, and its integration with other tools like Slack and Google Drive enhances collaboration.

Best Sprint Planning Tools: Asana is a versatile choice for agile teams seeking a tool that supports both task management and sprint planning.


Monday.com is a work operating system that offers a wide range of templates for agile teams. These templates simplify sprint planning by providing pre-defined structures for tasks, timelines, and dependencies. The tool’s customizable dashboards and automation features help teams streamline their workflows.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (4): Monday.com’s templates are a valuable resource for agile teams looking for a tailored sprint planning experience.


VersionOne is a specialised Agile project management tool designed for scaling Agile practices across large organizations. It supports various Agile frameworks, including Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe. With VersionOne, teams can plan and track sprints, manage backlogs, and gain insights through customizable reports and dashboards.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (5): VersionOne is the go-to choice for enterprises seeking to scale Agile practices efficiently.


Targetprocess is a visual project management tool that empowers agile teams with advanced customization options. Teams can define their own workflows, track progress with a visual roadmap, and connect data from various sources. Target Process is known for its adaptability to different Agile methodologies.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (6): Target Process is an excellent choice for teams looking to tailor their sprint planning process to their unique needs.


ClickUp is a versatile work management platform that accommodates agile workflows seamlessly. It offers customizable task views, goal tracking, and automation. ClickUp’s hierarchy structure enables teams to manage epics, stories, tasks, and subtasks with ease.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (7): ClickUp is a highly adaptable tool for Agile teams that want a platform to support their evolving needs.


Clubhouse is a project management platform designed specifically for software development teams. It offers features like sprint planning, kanban boards, and customizable workflows. Clubhouse also integrates with popular development tools like GitHub and Slack.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (8): Clubhouse is a focused choice for software development teams looking to streamline their sprint planning process.


Scrumwise is a Scrum-focused project management tool that simplifies sprint planning and execution. It provides intuitive scrum boards, sprint burndown charts, and backlog management. Scrumwise’s simplicity makes it an ideal choice for teams practicing Scrum.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (9): Scrumwise is tailor-made for Scrum teams seeking a straightforward sprint planning solution.

Planview LeanKit

Planview LeanKit is a Kanban-based project management tool that helps teams visualise work and optimise workflows. It offers a variety of board templates, analytics, and automation features. LeanKit is particularly useful for teams transitioning from traditional project management to agile practices.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (10): Planview LeanKit is the tool of choice for teams transitioning to Agile using Kanban methodologies.


ZenHub is a project management extension for GitHub, making it an ideal choice for development teams already using GitHub for version control. ZenHub adds agile capabilities to GitHub, including sprint planning, burndown charts, and release planning.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (11): ZenHub is the perfect choice for development teams deeply integrated with GitHub.


GitScrum is an open-source project management tool specifically designed for Agile and Scrum teams. It offers features like task boards, burndown charts, and integration with popular version control systems like Git and GitHub.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (12): GitScrum is a cost-effective option for small Agile teams seeking a tool tailored to Scrum practices.

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a straightforward project management tool that focuses on agile project planning and delivery. It provides a simple, opinionated workflow with features like story prioritisation,estimation, and velocity tracking. Pivotal Tracker’s minimalist approach makes it easy for teams to get started with agile practices.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (13): Pivotal Tracker is a great choice for teams new to Agile who want a tool that simplifies the process.


Airtable is a flexible spreadsheet-database hybrid that can be customised to suit agile workflows. Teams can create tables to track tasks, user stories, and sprints. With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface, Airtable is ideal for small teams looking for a lightweight solution.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (14): Airtable’s flexibility makes it a versatile choice for teams seeking a customizable sprint planning tool.


Taiga is an open-source project the executives stage intended for light-footed groups. It offers features such as user story management, sprint planning, and issue tracking. Taiga’s clean and intuitive interface caters to both software and non-software development teams.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (15): Taiga is an open-source gem for teams looking for a free, customizable Agile project management tool.


Sprintly is a product management tool that supports agile practices. It provides a simple and efficient way to plan sprints, prioritise tasks, and track progress. Sprintly also integrates with popular version control systems.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (16): Sprintly is a dedicated tool for product managers and teams seeking streamlined sprint planning.

Rally (formerly CA Agile Central)

Rally, now known as CA Agile Central, is an enterprise-level agile project management tool. It offers comprehensive features for sprint planning, portfolio management, and reporting. Rally is suitable for large organisations looking to scale agile practices.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (17): Rally is the tool of choice for enterprises seeking a robust agile project management solution.


VersionOne, mentioned earlier, deserves a second mention due to its exceptional support for scaling Agile practices. It’s a favourite among organisations using various agile frameworks simultaneously.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (18): VersionOne excels at facilitating agile scalability, making it a top choice for large enterprises.


YouTrack is a project management and issue tracking tool by JetBrains. While it’s versatile enough for various project management methodologies, it particularly shines in agile environments. It offers customizable Agile boards, backlog management, and powerful search and reporting capabilities.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (19): YouTrack is a top choice for teams seeking a tool with Agile capabilities from a trusted developer-focused company.


Axosoft is a Scrum-focused project management tool with features like burndown charts, velocity tracking, and release planning. It offers both cloud-based and on-premises solutions to cater to a variety of team needs.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (20): Axosoft is an excellent choice for Scrum teams wanting a tool that’s tailored specifically to their methodology.


Agilefant is an open-source Agile project management tool designed for flexibility. It supports various Agile methodologies and provides features like backlog management, sprint planning, and time tracking. Agilefant’s adaptability makes it suitable for teams looking for a versatile solution.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (21): Agilefant is a free and flexible choice for teams exploring different Agile methodologies.


SpiraTeam is an integrated Agile project management tool that covers requirements, releases, and test management in addition to sprint planning. It’s suitable for organisations looking for an all-in-one solution for their agile and development needs.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (22): SpiraTeam is a comprehensive choice for teams seeking an integrated agile management platform.


Planbox is an AI-powered agile project management tool that assists teams in optimising their processes. It offers features like backlog management, sprint planning, and customizable workflows. Planbox’s AI capabilities provide data-driven insights to improve decision-making.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (23): Planbox is the tool of choice for teams wanting to leverage AI for agile optimisation.


GoodDay is a versatile work management platform that supports agile and traditional project management methodologies. It offers features like sprint planning, time tracking, and goal setting. GoodDay’s flexibility makes it a suitable choice for teams transitioning to agile.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (24): GoodDay is a versatile option for teams looking for a tool that bridges Agile and traditional project management.


Hygger is an Agile project management tool that covers backlog prioritisation, sprint planning, and task tracking. It also offers swimlane boards and burndown charts to help teams visualise progress.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (25): Hygger is a solid choice for teams seeking an all-in-one Agile project management tool.


Yodiz is a comprehensive agile project management tool with features like sprint planning, release management, and time tracking.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (26): Yodiz is a well-rounded choice for teams of all sizes looking for a complete Agile project management solution.


ScrumDo is an agile project management tool that focuses on simplicity and customization. It offers features like backlog management, sprint planning, and cycle time tracking. ScrumDo’s user-friendly interface makes it easy for teams to get started with Agile practices.

Best Sprint Planning Tools (27): ScrumDo is an ideal choice for teams new to Agile who want a straightforward tool for sprint planning.

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