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IT Services Companies in Norway

20 Best IT Services Companies in Norway

Norway is understood for its thriving IT enterprise and the presence of numerous extremely good IT services companies. These companies provide a extensive range of answers, from software improvement and cybersecurity to cloud computing and information analytics. If you are searching out the wonderful IT services corporations in Norway, this article is proper right here to assist. We’ve curated a list of 20 pinnacle IT offerings organizations which have a proven tune file of excellence and feature performed a essential feature in using the digital transformation of businesses in Norway and past.


Evry is one of the main IT services companies in Norway, providing a extensive range of solutions to groups. They specialise in IT consulting, application development, and infrastructure offerings. Evry’s team of professionals collaborates with customers to deliver revolutionary and tailored IT solutions that power commercial enterprise increase and performance. With their good sized industry expertise and technical knowledge, Evry has established a sturdy reputation as a depended on associate for organizations seeking IT offerings in Norway. Evry is a main IT services company in Norway that has been at the forefront of digital innovation for over 50 years. With a crew of pretty professional specialists, Evry gives a complete variety of offerings, such as IT consulting, software improvement, infrastructure management, and cybersecurity. They have got a strong consciousness on handing over tailor-made answers that align with their customers’ commercial enterprise goals and drive operational efficiency. Evry’s dedication to innovation and purchaser pride has earned them severa industry accolades and a solid recognition inside the IT offerings panorama.


TietoEVRY is a outstanding IT services organization that offers complete solutions to organizations in Norway. They provide offerings along with digitalization, cloud services, cybersecurity, and facts analytics. TietoEVRY’s crew of experts combines deep industry information with technological know-how to assist businesses navigate the digital panorama and gain their strategic desires. With their customer-centric technique and recognition on innovation, TietoEVRY has been instrumental in using the virtual transformation of groups in Norway. TietoEVRY is a Nordic IT offerings agency that operates in greater than ninety international locations, together with Norway. They’ve a tested track file of handing over modern answers that help groups stay ahead in the virtual era. TietoEVRY’s offerings encompass digitalization, cloud answers, cybersecurity, and records analytics. They leverage their deep industry know-how and present day technologies to enable organizations to convert their operations and force increase. With a robust focus on sustainability and accountable enterprise practices, TietoEVRY is committed to making a fine effect in the IT enterprise and the communities they serve.


Atea is a main provider of IT infrastructure and system integration offerings in Norway. They provide a huge range of answers, consisting of facts middle offerings, network infrastructure, and place of business offerings. Atea’s group of specialists collaborates with customers to design, implement, and control at ease and scalable IT infrastructure that meets their particular necessities. With their focus on turning in dependable and efficient IT solutions, Atea has emerge as a depended on associate for organizations in Norway. They have got a large portfolio of services that include statistics center offerings, networking answers, workplace management, and virtual transformation. Atea’s comprehensive approach facilitates groups optimize their IT infrastructure, enhance productivity, and improve ordinary operational performance. They’ve sizable enjoy in working with each public and private zone companies, imparting tailored answers that address their specific needs. Atea’s dedication to client success, technical understanding, and strong partnerships with industry-leading companies lead them to a depended on preference for IT offerings in Norway.


SopraSteria is a international IT consulting and services business enterprise with a sturdy presence in Norway. They provide cease-to-cease IT solutions, which include consulting, utility improvement, and digital transformation services. SopraSteria’s team of specialists and technologists enables companies leverage generation to drive innovation and gain high performance. They integrate industry know-how with virtual abilities to supply custom designed solutions that meet the particular needs of their customers. They focus on assisting groups navigate the complexities of virtual transformation thru their end-to-give up IT solutions. SopraSteria’s offerings encompass method consulting, software improvement, cybersecurity, and commercial enterprise technique outsourcing. They integrate their industry know-how, technical understanding, and innovative wondering to deliver answers that power operational efficiency, decorate patron studies, and foster commercial enterprise increase. SopraSteria’s dedication to sustainability and ethical practices similarly strengthens their position as a relied on associate within the IT services zone.


Itera is a Norwegian IT services company that specializes in digitalization and era consulting. They provide a extensive range of IT offerings, together with software improvement, records analytics, and virtual transformation. Itera’s team of specialists collaborates closely with customers to recognize their business dreams and deliver tailored answers that power performance and innovation. With their customer-centric technique and recognition on digital transformation, Itera has performed a huge position in the success of corporations in Norway.


Basefarm is a main eu company of controlled IT services, which include cloud solutions, cybersecurity, and application control. With their presence in Norway, Basefarm offers a complete portfolio of IT offerings to corporations within the place. They concentrate on turning in secure and scalable IT infrastructure, ensuring gold standard performance and reliability. Basefarm’s crew of specialists gives 24/7 aid and proactive monitoring to make sure the smooth operation of customers’ IT systems. With their customer-centric approach and dedication to fine, Basefarm has hooked up itself as a trusted companion for companies seeking reliable and green IT services in Norway.


DIPS is a Norwegian IT corporation that specializes in imparting healthcare IT solutions. They provide a comprehensive suite of offerings, together with electronic health facts (EHR), scientific selection support structures, and telemedicine solutions. DIPS’ understanding in healthcare IT allows them to aid healthcare groups in improving patient care, enhancing efficiency, and ensuring records safety and privacy. With their deep understanding of the healthcare industry and their commitment to innovation, DIPS has turn out to be a preferred choice for healthcare carriers in Norway.


Capgemini is a international leader in consulting, era services, and digital transformation. With a sturdy presence in Norway, they provide a wide variety of IT services, which include application development, cybersecurity, and cloud solutions. Capgemini’s understanding in digital technologies and their awareness on delivering commercial enterprise price have made them a trusted companion for corporations in search of IT offerings in Norway. They combine their international talents with neighborhood knowledge to supply modern and custom designed solutions to their customers.


Cognizant is a multinational IT services business enterprise with operations in Norway. They offer a comprehensive suite of IT answers, inclusive of application development, data analytics, and virtual transformation offerings. Cognizant’s crew of specialists and technologists collaborate with clients to solve complex enterprise demanding situations and power boom thru technology. With their worldwide presence and enterprise know-how, Cognizant has effectively supported companies in Norway across various sectors.


Accenture is a worldwide professional offerings enterprise that offers a extensive variety of IT services, which include strategy, consulting, and digital transformation. With a robust presence in Norway, Accenture helps businesses harness the electricity of technology to power innovation and gain excessive overall performance. Their talents span throughout industries and encompass application improvement, cybersecurity, and cloud services. Accenture’s deep industry information, international assets, and commitment to turning in effects have made them a trusted associate for organizations in Norway.

IBM Norway

IBM Norway is a subsidiary of IBM, a global generation and consulting organisation. They offer a wide range of IT offerings, along with cloud computing, information analytics, and AI solutions. IBM Norway’s knowledge lies in turning in scalable and comfortable IT infrastructure and helping companies harness the power of data and AI to power innovation. With their long-status reputation and worldwide assets, IBM Norway is a depended on accomplice for agencies seeking superior IT solutions in Norway.


Miles is a Norwegian IT employer that specialize in digitalization and enterprise technique automation. They provide a huge variety of IT services, together with software improvement, facts analytics, and manner optimization. Miles’ crew of specialists collaborates closely with clients to understand their particular challenges and deliver tailor-made solutions thatdrive efficiency and enterprise boom. With their focus on innovation and continuous improvement, Miles has efficiently supported companies across various industries of their virtual transformation tasks.


Bouvet is a leading Norwegian IT consultancy firm that gives a extensive variety of IT services, consisting of software program improvement, statistics analytics, and digital transformation. They work closely with customers to understand their business goals and deliver tailor-made solutions that drive innovation and efficiency. Bouvet’s crew of experts and technologists brings deep enterprise know-how and technical information to resolve complicated IT demanding situations. With their awareness on collaboration and long-term partnerships, Bouvet has built a robust reputation as a relied on consultant for organizations in Norway.


Sbanken, previously known as Skandiabanken, is a leading Norwegian virtual financial institution that leverages generation to supply revolutionary banking answers. They offer a extensive range of online banking services, including financial savings money owed, loans, and mortgages. Sbanken’s user-friendly virtual platform and cognizance on consumer revel in have made them a favored desire for people seeking cutting-edge and handy banking offerings in Norway. With their dedication to innovation and patron-centric approach, Sbanken maintains to transform the banking landscape in Norway.

Sopra Banking software

Sopra Banking software is a leading company of software program solutions for the financial industry. They provide a complete suite of banking software, which includes middle banking structures, virtual banking structures, and lending answers. Sopra Banking software’s understanding lies in permitting banks and financial institutions to conform to the evolving virtual landscape and deliver progressive services to their clients. With their strong focus on financial generation and their worldwide presence, Sopra Banking software program is a desired desire for banks in Norway looking for modern-day and green software solutions.


Tieto is a Nordic IT services company with a large presence in Norway. They offer a huge range of IT answers, inclusive of consulting, application development, and infrastructure offerings. Tieto’s crew of experts collaborates with clients to design and implement solutions that power virtual transformation and business boom. With their sizeable enterprise revel in and technological understanding, Tieto has turn out to be a depended on partner for groups in search of IT services in Norway.


Steria, now a part of SopraSteria, is one of the leading IT services companies with a strong presence in Norway. They offer a wide variety of IT solutions, including software improvement, infrastructure control, and business procedure outsourcing. Steria’s expertise lies in delivering efficient and price-effective IT services that assist organizations optimize their operations and power growth. With their worldwide resources and nearby knowledge, Steria has efficaciously supported corporations in Norway across diverse industries.

SAS Institute

SAS Institute is a global chief in analytics and data control solutions. With their presence in Norway, they provide a extensive range of IT services, which include facts analytics, synthetic intelligence, and device studying. SAS Institute’s advanced analytics software program helps organizations uncover valuable insights from their information, enabling higher decision-making and driving innovation. With their robust cognizance on information-driven answers and their dedication to supporting businesses remodel records into actionable intelligence, SAS Institute is a preferred choice for groups looking for superior analytics services in Norway.


Computas is also among the Norwegian IT services companies that specialize in virtual transformation, synthetic intelligence, and software program improvement. They provide innovative solutions to groups throughout diverse industries, leveraging contemporary technologies to pressure boom and performance. With their team of professional experts, Computas provides custom designed software program packages, facts analytics, and AI-driven answers that help companies optimize their operations and reap their strategic desires.


Kantega is among the list of the Norwegian IT services companies that makes a speciality of software development and virtual innovation. They provide a variety of services, which include application improvement, consumer experience design, and virtual consulting. Kantega’s team of developers and architects works intently with customers to supply brilliant software program solutions that meet their business objectives. With their attention on splendid, innovation, and purchaser pride, Kantega has installed itself as a trusted partner for groups in Norway.

Those 20 IT services companies in Norway have confirmed their data and dedication to delivering modern answers and using digital transformation. Whether or not or no longer you are looking for software program development, cybersecurity, cloud computing, or information analytics answers, these organizations can provide the know-how and competencies to meet your organization wishes.

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